ba&sh is a leading French fashion brand in the dynamic affordable premium market. Named after the initials of its two founders, childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, Ba&sh has designed and manufactured a full range of women’s apparel since 2003.

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3층 357a 매장
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일요일 - 목요일: 오전 10:00 - 오후 11:00
금요일 - 토요일: 오전 10:00 - 자정 12:00

+853 2847 0582
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ARTĒ Madrid

Barbara & Sharon have always been passionate about fashion, travel and the emulating encounters they provide. It became natural for them to transform their unique and nevertheless complementary visions into their own brand to create the “ideal wardrobe” made of elegant yet effortless pieces for all occasions.

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ba&sh beige fireworks print tiered dress
ba&sh white floral print blouse
ba&sh beige floral print asymmetric skirt
ba&sh white embroidered dress