Introducing a Kaleidoscope world made of colours, shapes and lines capable of inexorably catching the public interest and attention and acknowledging MSGM as one the most intriguing brand of the moment.

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+853 2877 0375
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Brand Story
MSGM Designer

Massimo Giorgetti was born in Rimini in 1977. He has always loved fashion and indie music (the name of the brand – MSGM – was inspired by the bands MGMT and The Strokes), and began his working life first in sales and then in design. He has enjoyed a varied career, spanning a broad spectrum of activities, giving him a vision of fashion products which is not limited to style but also encompasses commercial and strategic aspects. In 2009, in partnership with the Paoloni Group, he created the MSGM brand, which was immediately met with considerable commercial and critical success, a brand whose DNA combines the greatness of tradition with the new millennium's desire for revolution. In 2010 Massimo Giorgetti was named as one of the most promising revelations of the “Who's on next” contest sponsored by Vogue Italia. In 2013, he opened the first own brand MSGM store, in Milan, beginning a period of collaboration between art and fashion, with artists like Maurizio Cattelan, Pierpaolo Ferrari and Nico Vascellari. In 2015 he was appointed Creative Director of the Emilio Pucci brand.

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